Is Your Food Making Sick?

It is true that detoxification is a modern-day phenomenon. Our body is innately equipped to detox both internally generated as well as environmental toxins. Our liver neutralizes or transforms toxins through its own chemical process and the rest is sent to one of two toxic waste dump sites– to be eliminated through urine or feces.

Over a century ago, prior to industrialization and the downfall of the American diet, our own internal detoxification system sufficed. Unfortunately, nowadays, our systems need additional support to maintain optimal health.

The Environmental Protection Agency reports that the average American consumes four pounds of pesticides each year and has residues from over 400 toxic substances in their body.  More than 3,000 chemical additives are found in the foods we eat.  And, even if we try to eat all organic, studies are now showing those pesticides still show up in our systems.

In a study by the Environmental Working Group, bromine-based fire retardant (found in textiles, plastics, electronics, clothes and furniture) was found at high levels in the breast milk of American women at a rate 75 times higher than the average European woman.

With chronic diseases on the rise, including auto-immune disease, heart disease, arthritis, diabetes, cancer, allergies, eczema, and obesity (the list goes on and on), detoxification is now a critical element in prevention of disease and maintenance of good health.

At 3 Points, we have a number of different detoxification programs, and each can be customized to your personal needs and health concerns.

  • 10 Day Hormone Re-Set Detox

  • 10 Day Blood Sugar Support Detox

  • 10 Day Inflammation Response Detox

  • 10 Day Female Vitality Detox

  • 21 Day Purification Program

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