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Holistic Programs to Uncover the Root Causes of Disease

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You deserve a healthcare plan that is just as unique as you are. Our personalized approach to health and healing will help you and your family thrive. At our clinic, we treat:


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Women's Care

From PMS to menopause hormone imbalances are oftentimes  rooted in a much deeper problem that requires special investigation.  We utilize specific testing and through the power of functional medicine, begin the process of correcting the underlying imbalances causing your chronic  symptoms.

Men's Care

Are you a man suffering from chronic symptoms that prevent you from living the life you deserve? Functional medicine helps men get back to feeling like themselves again.

Functional medicine gets at the source of a multitude of men’s disorders including hormone imbalances and different heart conditions. By identifying the cause of the imbalance we aim to fix the underlying issues, rather than masking symptoms with medication.

Aging Care

Aging is an inevitable part of life that comes with its own unique set of health challenges. To increase longevity and improve quality of life, it is important to implement healthy lifestyle changes that support healthy aging. Functional medicine helps to identify risk factors, uncover the root causes, and use natural strategies to keep you healthy, active, and independent well into your golden years.

Family Care

From tummy aches to stuffy noses, keeping your family healthy is critically important. Doctor Emily specializes in helping families thrive with functional and common sense medicine. Keep sickness at bay so you can get back to what’s important: playtime!

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