Herbal Medicine

Harness the healing power of plants 

The Natural Way to Heal

Chinese herbal medicine is a method of healing that relies primarily on nature’s true medicine: plants and minerals.

At Quiet Tiger, we use the most sophisticated form of natural medicine. After your personalized consultation, we write up herbal formulas based on your diagnosis and health needs. This is the safest, most natural approach to healing.

Doctor Em has a Master’s degree in herbal medicine, and is trained in the use of both Eastern and Western herbs. These medicines are derived from the highest quality plants and botanicals, specifically sourced from their native habitat and cultivated and processed to adhere to the FDA’s GMP (Good Manufacturing Process) certifications.




Chinese herbal medicine is an element of the larger healing system of Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM). TCM is a complete, science-based system with evidence that has been collected by research conducted by the NIH, continually showcasing its success. 

The cornerstone of TCM is Chinese herbal medicine, a science that has been practiced and documented over the course of thousands of years. Over 10,000 medicinal herbs are used in China today, and have been adopted in the West because of their potency and their role in successful patient outcomes.

Herbs are used to restore proper function in your body, and are powerfully potent and should be respected as a legitimate form of medicine.

As your health improves, your herbal regimen will change. Some herbs may no longer be needed, while others may be introduced to address your needs in each stage of your healing journey. Your practitioner will monitor your progress, and make changes as needed.

Why Is Functional Medicine More Effective?

Benefits of A Functional Medicine Approach:

  • Patient-centered
  • Focuses on finding the root-cause
  • Health-care not disease-care
  • Listens to the entire health background
  • The goal is wholeness, not just reduced symptoms
  • Takes into account sleep, diet, stress, movement, and relationships
  • No guessing
  • Scientific testing
  • Custom treatment plan for each patient
  • Extensive follow-up 
  • A doctor that knows you
  • Natural solutions 
  • True healing instead of masking symptoms

We don't guess... we test!

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