Does Your Blood Sugar Fluctuate?

  • I Get Shaky, Light-headed OR Irritable If I Miss A Meal

  • I Feel Tired After Eating

  • I Crave Carbs

  • I Crave Sugars

  • I Crave Salt

  • After Eating I Crave Something Sweet

  • I Can’t Concentrate When I Haven’t Eaten Or Missed A Meal

  • I Get HeadachesI Wake Up At Night/Have Trouble Sleeping

Most of us can easily say “yes” to at least one of the above symptoms, so you are not alone! In fact, it is quite exceptional for me to meet a patient who does not or has not experienced blood sugar fluctuations. Even if we don’t think we’re consuming too many sweets, there are so many sources of hidden sugars in the American diet, that most of us have no idea the role sugar is playing in our health.

For example, one of the top three sources of added sugar in the American diet is….drum roll please….grains and breakfast cereals. Not chocolate bars or gummy bears. It’s your breakfast. Or your sandwich. Or your breakfast-sandwich!


  • 86 million people age 20 years or older are pre-diabetic 

  • 11 in 4 adolescents have diagnosed type 1 or type 2 diabetes 2

  • By 2020: half the country will have diabetes or pre-diabetes 

  • 390% will fail to be diagnosed 4

The average American drinks 53 gallons of soft drinks per year and consumes 152 lbs. of sugar per year. This amounts to 31.5 teaspoons of sugars per day!

Now, this may or may not be you, but consider whether your diet is unnecessarily triggering an insulin response and surge of glucose (sugar) into your system. By looking at the list of typical blood sugar fluctuation symptoms above, you can get a sense if blood sugar may be a problem for you.

Without nutritional intervention and prevention, over time chronic blood sugar fluctuations lead to conditions such as Metabolic Syndrome and Insulin Resistance, Diabetes, heart disease, hardening of the arteries and much more. These Conditions Are PREVENTABLE!

At 3 Points Health & Wellness, our Sugar Slayer Program and our 10 Day Sugar Detox can help you lick your cravings, balance your blood glucose and prevent you from becoming a statistic.

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